Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun in Phoenix

OK - back to catching up! After we went to San Diego, Katie and I flew back to Phoenix with my Dad & Robbin. Brad stayed in CA because he had a week-long training. Katie and I had a blast in Arizona! We went shopping, playing with some of the kiddos out there, and did a lot of swimming. We were also out there to help celebrate my dad's birthday! Here are just a few pictures of our fun week out there! ....

A rare picture with a bow in her hair! I am fairly certain she discovered it shortly after this and then took it out and handed it to me.

Kissing herself in the mirror....she's a lover :)

Her favorite toy at Nanny & Papa's house was Ellie the Elephant!
On the move! I love this picture!

A cute picture with Nanny & Papa before heading to dinner to celebrate Papa's birthday!

Me with my Daddy!

My dad, me, & Katie - he seems to have issues keeping his eyes open!

Katie's present to Papa was his own baby snack cup fully stocked with all of the fun snacks - goldfish, cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts, little crunchies, etc. Dad kept eating Katie's snack mix, so she wanted to give him his own! I love this picture of them sharing a snack.

I was a wild woman and got a fun color of toenail polish when I got a pedicure. I also got these cute sandals at PAYLESS! I was so proud :)

We were out by the pool and let Katie eat outside - she was such a mess, so of course I had to take a picture!

I thought this picture wasn't too shabby, so I decided to post it. This was of me before heading to the airport to pick Brad up from his training. He flew into Phoenix that Saturday after he took the test and then we flew home on Sunday.

A pretty Arizona sunset

Once we got home, Katie's first stop was her chair. I know she had a great time out west, but she was thrilled to have her own stuff to play with and get back into her routine!

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