Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, let me give a little update on the house situation. First off, the housing market where we are is slightly stagnant. With that said, we got an offer after FOUR DAYS on the market! Insane, right??! With that offer, we finally came to terms and were under contract after SIX DAYS on the market. I was not emotionally prepared for it to happen so soon, but at least we are on the way through the hardest part (the inspection is tomorrow and appraisal should be later this week)!

That brings us to what we did this weekend - we looked at 20ish houses (12 yesterday and the rest today)! And we have been able to narrow the search down to two very solid houses. Oh, decisions, decisions. We are headed back out tomorrow to see the houses and hopefully really make a decision! Wow!

That is the latest on the house situation - I will definitely be continuing on my efforts to get caught up on my posting, but I must definitely post these short updates on big changes in our life!

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