Monday, August 16, 2010

Park Fun!

A little while ago, we actually had kind of a cool spell! I know, it's hard to believe that when we've had heat that has been 100+ degree heat indexes! We took advantage of that great weather and spent some time at the park! It was great fun - and of course, I carried my camera along for the fun. Here are some fun shots...

One park has bocce ball courts - Katie was really trying to figure them out!

She clearly LOVES swinging!

Sweet pea and those baby blues

Not too sure what to think about this thing...

Mommy & Katie!
On another adventure, we went to a park closer to home. Somehow, I managed to not be in a single picture - I guess I was that busy taking pictures! :)
Bright, sunshiney day

I love this picture of Brad & Katie...

She discovered she loves sliding!

But she prefers walking back up the slide to do it again...

...with a little help, of course!

Daddy being silly, as usual!! :)

Climbing on all the fun play equipment!

I think she had fun - look at those rosy cheeks!!

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