Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I've Been MIA: The Prequel

I wanted to interrupt my mass update with a few pictures that led to the ability to place a for sale sign in our yard. But before I go into mass detail about that, the house has been officially on the market since Thursday night (4 days) and we've already had 7 showings!! Hopefully something good will happen soon - and then we can hit it hard on looking for a house that is a little bigger and a little closer in...but for now, here are a few pictures on just a few of the things we had to do...

We had to touch up paint the whole house. Before starting that, I went through with painter's tape and marked the spots to pay attention to. Needless to say, our house looked like it had a bad case of acne. And I have to say, it is amazing what fresh paint can do!

Some of the furniture that was on our deck was used to make a sitting area in the yard. I wanted to get some catchy cushions to draw people's eye out there so they would note the size of the yard. I finally lucked out at Pier One - and they were on sale!

One Saturday, Brad and I worked our rears off restaining this deck - whew! That is NOT fun.

And of course - packing. We filled a store room with a LOT of things so that our house could be nicely staged. It really is amazing how it looks now. And it really is not fun keeping it in tip top shape should there be a showing.
I guess we will see how long it takes to actually sell the house! For now, we will enjoy all of the cleanliness, track lighting in the kitchen, and freshly sealed deck.

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