Monday, August 30, 2010

Peek A Boo!!

As usual, this post is long overdue! There is a neat place for kiddos that just recently opened here - it is called Peek A Boo Playtown. It has all these little "centers" - school, fire station, library, grocery store, house, workshop, etc. It also has a table of dinosaurs, a doll house table, a train table, a legos table, and a bug table, as well as a little area for kids 0-2 that has a ball pit and soft things to climb on. Wow is it fun! It is $7 (really $5 because I have used coupons to get in) and definitely well worth the money. Katie loves it - and I love that she is around other kids and has access to all those neat toys that we don't have at our house! It is so funny to see what her favorite thing to play with is - both of the times we went she played with totally different things! I also like that they have a party room that they open at lunch time so you can bring a lunch and eat while you are there. I can't wait to take her back - what a great activity for when it is rainy outside, or too hot/cold outside! And just for the record, I also do enjoy that it typically means a nice, long nap for Katie. :) For now, here are a few pictures from the two times we have gone with friends...

Daddy took this picture of us before we headed out for some fun!
Katie & Carter playing with the doll house. I love that Carter decided sitting on the table allowed easiest access to playing with it!

The first time, Katie LOVED grocery items!

It looks like Katie is directing Carter with the broom!! :)

Katie peering through the workshop innocent and sweet.

The second time we went, she loved playing with the giant stuffed dalmatian (she obviously loves dogs - in fact, she chased a little boy around and kept pointing to the dog on his shirt...hilarious)!

Katie giving the "dog dog" a great big hug.
Watching the big kids run around on this climbing stuff - she wanted to play so badly but couldn't figure out how to run really fast on that equipment!

She loves opening and closing doors right now - even on the doll house!

Of course she found a big door - the Exit! Crazy girl...

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