Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun Day Friday

It is recap time! Fridays tend to be our "fun day" - whether it is with friends or at home! Last Friday we went over to some friends house and played! There were 3 mommies and 5 kiddos...slightly outnumbered! Katie loved having new toys to play with, loved coloring, and had her first juice box! Take a look at the fun they had!
Katie and Caroline

Carter and Katie loved playing in the kitchen!

The 3 big kids taking a juice box break!

Today, we played at home and then ran a few errands (including finding some awesome Elmo house shes for the Little Miss). We don't typically spend a ton of time in Katie's room or in the bonus room, so it was a welcome change of scenery! Katie loved sitting in the rocking chair reading books (that was my chair when I was little!). Here are just a few!

Girl, dog, books, & rocking chair - life is good!

Always on the move!

Change of scenery for reading - coffee table in Mommy & Daddy's room!

And she took a break to play with the stroller! Excuse me, RUN with the stroller!

Playing in the princess tent! BOO!

Katie & Sadie looking out the window

Katie loves playing peek a boo!!

And you can't have a day of play without breaking out the drums!

And of course a kiss for Momma! Such a sweet girl. She kept giving me kisses, so I had to catch one on the camera!

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