Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I am back! Hooray! It was a great conference and experience in DC, but man was I ready to see my girl and hubby, as well as sleep in my own bed. While I was up there, I did manage to eat dinner with a friend from high school and his girlfriend - so fun! And the first two days I was there, I attended a public policy conference that focused on disability-related issues. The third day, yesterday, was all about meeting our legislators at the federal level! There will be a separate DC post (lots of pics!) coming soon, but I just wanted to comment on how great it was to go - and as always, great to come home.
Here is a brief recap of other events recently. I figured this would be a good way to get caught up in the blogging world!
My brother turned 23 earlier this month and we got together and celebrated! Here are a couple pictures from the fun we had. My grandmother makes his birthday cake every year - yummmmmy!
And here he is modeling one of the t-shirts we gave him :)

Last weekend, we celebrated a friend's birthday! He turned the big 3 - 0 and it was so fun to celebrate. They had a catered dinner from Jim & Nick's and two yummy cakes! The party ended up having an Auburn theme - I loved that because it wasn't hard to find something to wear :)

Our friends (and the birthday boy - he decided to wear a sweater vest since he is 30 now!)

Katherine, Ashley, and me - I have another post coming soon about Ashley's sweet baby girl. Let's just say I got to cuddle and hold her sweet three-day-old girl for TWO HOURS today. Loved it.

One day last week, Katie and I were wasting some time and decided to pop inside the Goodwill store. We found a great buy - or, well, Katie did. Like-new Elmo house shoes in just her size! She loves to wear them and then take them off and play with them....

Katie was all decked out for Valentines Day this past weekend!

And she still absolutely loves to read. And I love buying her books. I figure a girl can never have too many books!

I absolutely love this face. She is such a goofball! She will make this face when she's acting silly - when she opens her eyes, she just squeals with delight!

Oh, the life of a dog. Sadie's definitely doing something right....

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