Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Resolution Recap: January

I had some pictures from January to coordinate from some of my resolutions and wanted to show some proof of my progress! So here it goes...

One of my dinners - and I even cooked for myself while Brad was out of town! And please know I use the word cooked lightly - it was coconut shrimp and spicy sweet potato fries that just had to be unfrozen in the oven. It did mean I used the oven and a cookie it totally counts! And I didn't eat out and spend extra money! Progress :)
For the de-clutter and simplify, what did I do? I bought a book - it has ideas to help you do just what it says - Organize Now! - with week-by-week suggestions. I definitely look through it to find ideas of areas to focus on, and by the end of the year, it may just count as one of my 14 books I will have read! Two birds with one stone, right?

Ahhh...fresh flowers. And yes, I might have gone out at 8:00 PM on January 31 so I didn't fail at a resolution the first month, but I am so glad I did! They are so happy :)

And for my 2 hand-written notes/cards a month...I saw this cute set of paper and envelopes at Office Depot and just had to have it. It has DOTS! My favorite :) I can't wait to use it .... and I figured I'd be more likely to write on something that has dots. So fun!

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