Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Hearts: Part Four

I thought there were only going to be 3 parts to that "series" of posts. However, I decided there should be more :) See, as the person who posts here, I can do things like that! (Sidenote: I asked Brad if he wanted to jump on and post about something - a girl can try, right? Rolling his eyes and a little snicker were all I got. I think I'll take that as a no sirree.)
Who can have a Valentine's Day without chocolate?! Certainly not me. And certainly not if it is buy one get one free at Publix!! I love these Dove chocolates - they have a fun message inside! And I figured if I was going to be eating bags of chocolate (let's be honest here), dark chocolate would most certainly be the most healthy choice!
I found this cute light pink shirt with hot pink dots at Target! It was on clearance too :) And then I had a heart applique put on it. I think it is oh so cute! And Katie did wear matching hot pink pants with the shirt, but she came home from MDO wearing a change of pants. I didn't ask questions.

And yet another Valentine's outfit. And PLEASE look....she is wearing a bow! Yes, that's right. She will keep a bow in as long as her hair is pulled up with a rubber band first! VICTORY!! I think she just looks so cute! These pants were from a Christmas outfit that she wore (in her picture with Santa) and I thought they'd be just perfect for Valentine's! So I got a shirt to coordinate - a heart with a "K" in it - and I think it turned out so cute!

And remember, in an earlier post, I had a picture of the supplies for Katie's Valentines for her class - well, I think they turned out rather cute! I did my magic last night, and it felt oh-so-nice to be crafty. Take a peek!

And stay tuned! You never know...there may even turn out to be a Part 5 of this series!!
I also wanted to quickly add a note/suggestion/hint. If you mommies need 5 minutes to sit in silence, may I suggest giving your child some pictures to look at and play with. Good gracious - I had no idea!! I recently ordered a bunch of pictures from Shutterfly. When they mail the pictures, they send an index print with small images of all the pictures you ordered. They also send picture cards trying to sell other products. Well I gave all of those to Katie. And I swear - she will just sit and shuffle through them for a LONG time! Had I known it was that entertaining, I would have done it long ago! She also like to look at the index print and name all of the people in the pictures. So it is educational and gives momma a break. Sounds nice, doesn't it?? I think so! And when these are lost or so gross they need to be thrown away, you bet I will be placing another order STAT! :)


  1. Mmmm...I love those Dove chocolates! I can't buy them because I will eat them up way too fast!

    Katie has some of the cutest custom things!

    I helped Chloe Jo make Valentine's for her friends today. So fun!

    I changed my blog font by clicking on Design, then Template Designer (you don't have to pick one of their designs), then go down to Advanced, then to Text Font. There are tons in there! I was trying to make my blog into a three column blog and stumbled on that.

  2. Katie looks too cute! Love the outfit :)