Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shower Fun

One of my good friends from growing up is getting married at the end of March and there was a bridal shower to celebrate! It was so nice to see some folks that I hadn't seen in quite some time! It was such a nice time - beautiful home, great food, Mimosas, and a good time to catch up! Here is the centerpiece of the food table. Isn't it beautiful arrangement of flowers??

If you thought to yourself, "Why, yes it is!"...take another look. Yep, that's right. Those aren't flowers. They are CUPCAKES! Isn't that amazing?! Another friend of the bride-to-be owns a local bakery and she made those. Pretty cool if you ask me!

And here we are - Tanja (one of my bestest buds since kindergarten!), Meghan (the bride-to-be), and me! It was so fun. And yes, if you think you've seen a picture somewhat recently of the 3 of us, I did post a pic of us from the day we went to brunch around Thanksgiving! It definitely was so fun, and I'm so excited for Meghan!

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