Sunday, February 27, 2011

Katie's First Dentist Appointment

When going through the open enrollment period for our insurance, we decided it made the most sense to add Katie to our dental coverage. We thought it would be a good idea to take her around the time she turns 2, and then 6 months later. This past Monday was the big day! We picked a pediatric dentist close to our house (and recommended by other families) and made the appointment. Katie did great! It is more to get the child used to the office and make it a good experience. Katie liked her hygienist a lot - and she wasn't afraid of the dentist either! She was able to sit up and brush her own teeth, and then the hygienist helped brush some too. She got some stickers and got to pick a treasure out of the treasure chest! The only time she had to lay down on the seat was for the dentist to get a good look at her teeth. That wasn't horrible because they had TVs on the ceiling for kids to watch! So Katie got to watch Sid The Science Kid while getting her mouth checked out. And they said everything looked great and to come back in 6 months. All in all, quite the successful event!

Getting ready to leave the house for the dentist

She decided she wanted to read Parents Magazine at the kid table in the waiting room

When we got back to the chair, she was so excited that she got a new toothbrush!

And the hygienist helped her brush really well

She had a good time! She got this duck to play with while getting checked out!

She also got stickers - she wanted to share with her Momma!

Looking through the big treasure chest

Excited about her pick - a new bracelet! (I find it pretty neat too - I remember collecting different colors of those kinds of bracelets when I was little!)

After the dentist looked her over, he showed her his gloves and how to put them on. She was quite proud!

And there she is getting her bag of goodies before we headed out!

After her appointment, we went to the park to play!

And she actually played on the frog - as opposed to just running over to hug him!

Playing with her puzzles later that same day

...and showing off her pearly whites before bedtime!

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  1. Ah- my girls go there too ;) They love him. Looks like it went well!