Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentine's Day: Better Late Than Never

Since I was out of town for Valentine's Day, we had to celebrate a few days after the fact. We actually celebrated the Saturday after Valentine's Day. After Miss Priss woke up from naptime, she got to open her goodies. Then that night, I cashed in a babysitting offer from a friend, and Brad and I went out to dinner at J. Alexanders. We had thought about going to the Melting Pot, but since we went to a nice dinner for a friend's birthday the night before, we opted to do something a little less formal! And I wasn't much fun to shop for. That would be because I shopped too much for myself and just told Brad he could give me money for the items I purchased. At least I got what I wanted! :) And I got him some new cologne, a flask, and an offer to pay for part of a new pair of sunglasses whenever he decides to buy them. And of course we both got cards. All in all, it was a major success - and very fun! Here are some pictures!
The unopened bag of goodies

The first thing she could get her hands on was her Valentines Bear - she loved it!

And then she kept digging...

I have to say, I think this shirt was her favorite item. How did she know to hold it up to herself and admire it like that!?

Then she wanted to put it on...

So close....

After a little help from Mom, she was so proud of herself - and her new cute shirt!

She loved checking out her very own umbrella too!

Such a ham - posing for the camera...and full of laughs!

Climbing on the stairs and smiling - because she knows she isn't supposed to be doing that!

All of her goodies! Can you tell there's a theme? PINK! And rain, raincoat, umbrella - with dots! I can't wait to go outside and stomp in some puddles together!

Brad and myself before going out to dinner

And my flowers! I told Brad I was actually saving him money by being out of town on actual Valentines Day since he was able to get me flowers at their normal price. :)

Some of our cards! This doesn't include the cards Brad and I got for eachother. Katie loved looking at them (especially the Elmo one) out on display!

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