Monday, October 3, 2011

Resolution Recap: September

1) Read 14 books: Making progress for sure! I am thinking I may actually meet this goal - I have currently read 10 books and am over half way through the 11th!  That makes me excited :)
2) Learn to sew: I have still not taken that sewing machine out of the box - oops!  BUT....I know how to knit now!  That sort of counts, right??
3) Cook more frequently: I am doing well on this.  When we were at the beach, I actually MISSED cooking and menu planning!  Don't get me wrong - I definitely enjoy eating out and letting someone else do the prep work and  clean up, but I did miss being in the kitchen!
4) Read the Bible everyday and read it all the way through: I know I said this last month to - I need to get back on the wagon for this one.  There are few devotional books I have come across recently that I want to read also.  But yes - still want to finish reading it all the way through for sure!
5) Use treadmill/work out at least 4 times/week: I was doing GREAT with this before we went to the beach.  And I had good intentions to get up every morning and at least walk on the beach.  That did not happen one single time.  We did take a couple walks with Katie, but I don't really consider those exercise.  I did walk a few times this past week - and I hope to this coming week too!  I will say...walking with Katie in the jog stroller is a true workout - she is probably about 35 lbs and the jog stroller is a good 15 lbs - whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it!
6) Use coupons when I shop: I am not doing so hot at this.  First, I need to organize all my coupons so I can find which insert I need.  Second, I need to just do it.  Especially for cleaning products, toiletries, etc. that I know we will use!
7) De-clutter & simplify: There are some closets I really want to organize.  And I need to transition all of Katie's seasonal things for the fall/winter.  I think that will help me feel a little better about the state of organization in our space!
8) Find a Sunday school class at church: Making progress!  We did visit one class and really enjoyed it.  I think there are 2 or 3 other ones that we want to try out and see what we like the best.  Yay!
9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: Success!  I got these at the Farmer's Market.  Aren't they just so fun??

I especially like this picture - so cool!
10) Have a date night with Brad at least once/month: I honestly can't remember if we did have one in September or not!  It was definitely a great "escape" to go on vacation to the beach, so if we didn't, I am a-okay with that!
11) Send 2 hand-written notes/month: I think I still lack 1 note to catch up for both August & September!
12) Have another baby: Still working on that one - I feel better about this one with the new plan we have!
13 & 14) I decided I am not going to list those anymore - I feel like I'm writing the same thing every single month! So...just know that I am using "greener" cleaners when I can, and I'm trying to do fun things with Katie to promote learning new things!

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