Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh What Fun: Our Weekend In Review

Oh what a fun weekend - full of more fun fall activities!  I wanted a chrysanthemum (we will go with "mum" from here on out) for the front porch for the other side of the front door.  We headed to another produce/pumpkin/mum stand and I got a huge one!  It looks so great on the front porch.  And I'm happy to say that my flowers from the spring/summer are still ALIVE and in the planters on the front steps.  I'm pretty impressed with myself!
 {Katie sitting with the pumpkins}
 {helping Momma pick out with mum to take home}

We also went over to Jill, Lewis, & Stella's house to start carving pumpkins!  They grilled out some burgers and we watched the Auburn game over there - it was fun!  I hate that it is getting dark so early though - we weren't able to finish out pumpkin carving yet!
 {Katie dressed ready to support those Auburn Tigers - and loving all the pumpkins!}
 {she loved cleaning the dirt off the pumpkins}
 {and the EWWW, YUCKY part!  the girls kept saying "ewwww" when they felt it...or even saw it!}
 {Stella liked cleaning too!}
 {helping Jill get all the guts into a grocery bag}
 {we finally got the girls to cooperate and sit together for a pic!  so cute - this is the best we got!}
 {THIS one is my favorite - Katie looking at Stella like "WHAT is your mom doing?!" and Stella's expression - Jill was being goofy trying to get the girls to smile!  Hilarious.}

Then we went to the Music & Molasses Festival this weekend too! There are vendors and activities for kids...I think the favorite was feeding the goats, petting the sheep, and the little "farmer for a day" area!
 {Katie was drawn to the sheep! She loved petting them - and she thought it was hilarious when they "baaaah-ed" at her!}
 {She also really enjoyed feeding the goats - she kept wanting to get more goat food to give them!}
 {why, hello there, mr. goat!}
 {she even got brave enough to feed the goat out of her hand rather than the cup!}
 {in the farmer for a day area, she loved playing with the corn!}
 {they also had these little playhouses - a farm house and an animal house - for kids to "paint"...it was paint cans with residue but just had water inside with paint brushes}
 {LOVE this cute girl and her smile!}
 {there was a booth with rescued animals - isn't that owl so cute??}
 {little photo op - cutie girl!}
 {on our way our, she got an apple - she started chowing down the minute we got in the car!}

We also headed out to our friend's family's farm - they have a baby cow that they have to bottle feed that is less than a week old!  Baby cows may be my favorite - look how cute!  And I think Katie really likes them too - she seemed like a natural!
 {isn't that calf just the cutest?!}
 {my favorite. they had a bonding moment!}
 {Katie loved chasing the calf around the field}
 {Katie was acting like she owned the place - she loved this mule!}
 {we also got to see the daddy pig to the baby pigs we saw a couple months ago!  he was HUGE and so messy.}
 {being goofy by the hay}
 {my attempt at an artsy fartsy picture!}
 {running down the dirt road!}
{playing by the creek!}

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