Monday, October 10, 2011

Round 2....DING, DING!!

This is what our Monday morning has consisted of...
 ...cute winter hat Katie picked out, Elmo pajama shirt, and several pairs of panties.
Oh, and hydration.  Can't forget that.  Yep - that's right.  Potty training, Round 2....DING, DING!  Katie told me she was ready to wear big girl panties.  Hard not to seize the moment, so that is just what we did!  She did have several successes, as well as a few "misses", this morning.  If she started to pee on the floor, I quickly ran her to her potty and let her finish and then gave her treats to celebrate pee-peeing in the potty.  We talked about how she needed to tell mommy when she needs to go potty and that it is important to keep her panties dry.  She is napping right now in her "Special Princess Night Night Panties".... AKA Pull-Ups.  I was hoping to skip that, but I think for naptime and bedtime, it is going to help the transition.  We have probably 20 diapers left, and I am really hoping we don't use them.  I will save them for a friend or for when we have another bambino running around.  More to come on this adventure, but for now, I'd say batting .500 isn't too shabby.  Stay tuned for the annual Pumpkin Patch  post!  It was super fun!

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