Friday, October 21, 2011

Why, Oh, Why??

I headed to Target this morning with one item on my list: Pull-Ups (or as we call them, "magic panties").  Well, on my way out the door, I did go through my coupons from this past weekend and cut some candy coupons out.  I was trying to wait until closer to Trick or Treat time, but I wanted to be sure to catch some deals.  Well, needless to say, I did way more damage at Target than I should have.
Once I hit this aisle up, what did I do? Well, I was drawn to everything that I love.  Cardinal Rule of Candy Shopping - do NOT buy your faves.  Otherwise they will be eaten.  Well, I will see how the rest of the month goes and how much candy is left.  Yep, I bought Reese's cups, Butterfingers, York Peppermint Patties, Nerds, and Mounds.  Whew.  Not smart.  Why do I do that to myself??  We'll see how the jeans fit after Halloween, I guess.  Not to mention I managed to pick up a bunch of other crap.  Though, some of it was needed - Katie is going to take a book to donate to her classroom at MDO, and I signed up to bring stickers for their Fall Party (I'm hoping the fact that I bought Halloween stickers is a-okay).  The Target trip was only a success because I did not purchase one iota of clothing for myself or Katie - woowoo!!  And I did have some coupons, so I did manage to save a few buckaroos.  Every little bit helps!

*Sorry for the lack of Foodie Friday - I didn't upload the pics, so maybe I will do a Foodie Friday, Saturday edition! :)

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