Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unexpected Playdate

A couple days ago it was beautiful weather and Katie had napped at school, so we decided to head to the park!  When we got there, we found Kara, Carter, and Kaylin!  What fun! Katie was so excited to see Carter - it had been a long time since they had played!  We sure love spending time outside when the weather is so nice.  Today's weather is yuck, so I'm glad we have been taking advantage of the warmer, sunnier days!
 I love this picture - them giggling at eachother is so cute!
 This expression is pretty fantastic - she is a hoot!
 Kara was tossing the ball and she would catch them - with her eyes closed!  Hopefully she will learn that she needs to keep her eyes open and watch the ball!
 AW - look at that sweet smile!  So cute!
And I really liked this one I put it on here too :)  She had so much fun!

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