Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Welcome back!  It's time for this week's edition of WILW!  There is so much to be thankful for, so I love to stop and think about things I'm loving!  If you want to do the same, link up {HeRe}!
I'm LOVING the giveaway I have going on!  I SO wish I could win - I think Katie would love these cute pigtail bows!  If you have a little girl, niece, friend, these are sure to top off a cute Minnie outfit!  And they'd make a super gift.  To enter the giveaway, see this post
 I'm LOVING the munchies we had out for watching football this past weekend!  We had some folks stop by throughout the afternoon and evening, so I decided to stock up on some munchies.  Chicken fingers, potato wedges, apple slices with apple dip, rotel dip and chips, brownies, and was amazing!
I'm LOVING that I found Picnik!  It is a website where you can create collages (like the one above) and edit pictures and create gifts.  I have just started playing with it - I can tell I will love it!

 I'm LOVING these Mommy Calling Cards!  They had a promotion at to get some free ones, so I definitely took advantage.  And obviously mine have my real info on them :) I love that they are square.  Now...I just have to remember to keep a few with me in case I meet a fun momma!
 I'm LOVING that we got to spend time with our sweet friends at their joint birthday party! A 3 year old and a 1 year old - how can it be??? Katie just loves playing with her buddy.  Kara and I have been friends for 22 years (is that what we decided, Kara??) and it is so fun to see our kids together!
I'm LOVING these Milano Ghost Cookies!  I found it HERE - and I definitely think we will have to make them!  Maybe we can make them for some of Katie's friends.  Or family.  Or we can just eat them. :)
I'm LOVING the idea of using sidewalk chalk in pictures! I came across a post about it and thought it was the cutest idea!  There are other pictures in the post - take a peek HERE!
I'm LOVING Katie's laying on the floor to do things these days.  I can just see her in about 12 years doing this on her bed talking on the phone to one of her friends.  So cute.  She loves this phone - and she actually uses it as a phone now!  She does like pulling around, but she also likes dialing numbers, picking up the receiver to say "hello", and holding it to her ear to chat with someone! 
What are YOU loving today??


  1. I've been using Picnik for years and never knew you could make collages. Love it!

  2. I love those milano cookie ghosts! I will have to be so patient and not eat all of them right away though--those cookies are so delicious!! :) Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Thank you for sharing those milano ghost cookies. How adorable!

  4. Great things you are loving!
    I am going to have to make those ghosts. My boys will love them!
    Btw, your little girl is ADORABLE!!