Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pretty In Pink: Ballerina Time

This past Monday was the day I had been waiting on!  During Katie's dance class this past Monday, they invited the parents in to observe the last class 5-10 minutes of class.  I was so excited!!  Her dance class always seems to fly by - visiting with the other mommas is like a breath of fresh air!  They are all super sweet and fun to talk to.  Plus, let's face is adult conversation.  I'll take it! :)

During the small bit of time we were in there, Katie clammed up just a bit...she was a little bit shy with all of the parents sitting there with their phones and cameras out taking pictures and videos of all those sweet ballerinas.  Here she is doing some of her moves.  I did take videos, but I'm just posting some of the pictures here!
 And then all the girls showing their moves!
 At the end of class they get a sticker for doing a good job!  Her teacher is Ms. Katie - my Katie loves that they have the same name!
 And then she came racing toward me SO proud of herself and SO thrilled that I got to see her dance.  It is so fun to see her personality develop each day (and boy has it been full speed ahead lately)!


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