Friday, February 15, 2013

SUYL: Organizing Ideas

I have very lofty goals for organization in our house.  We have cubbies in our laundry room/mud room.  We have bins of arts and crafts supplies in the closet in the laundry room (think: crayons, markers, paint, stamps/ink, etc).  But it seems once one area is organized, another area needs some serious attention.  So, I consulted Pinterest (of course) for some inspirational ideas!  Here we go...

Get a bin to organize each child's "memory box" from their school years.  Pretty good idea!  Along these same lines, I use the Artkive app to keep up with Katie's art from school - I take a picture and then I have it stored.  That way I don't feel pressured to keep every single piece of art - and I can make a book of it all from each year. 
 This is one idea I saw and actually followed through with - these small organizer drawers for batteries and other little items that tend to get lost.  I have a label maker and this will be the perfect project to use it on!
 I LOVE this wrapping supplies organizing idea.  I want this badly!  All of my wrapping stuff is in bags and piles and it is frustrating when I need to find a certain kind of bag/tissue paper in all the craziness!
 How neat is this?!  I see this being PERFECT when Jack gets older and has legos and all the little things that can be stepped on...all you do is cinch up the bag and it is stored!
 LOVE this - the bright colors and how nice and organized it really looks are quite appealing to me I think!  I do have some bookcases with the colored fabric drawers with label blocks I made for them.  We are on our way to this look :)
 And who doesn't love free printables for getting life organized??  I found these on Pinterest and can't wait to see what I can use to make each week a little easier.  I know meal planning is a great way to keep our dinners organized!
 And I actually have saved some documents to print and create a family binder - and I have a big binder to use.  Now - to find time to put it all together! :)
 And the "crap baskets" - perfect!  Maybe this would take care of all the stuff that collects at the bottom of the stairs!  And it would also be good to make sure everybody puts their things back in the right place in their room!
I can't wait to see what other organizational ideas people have!  Jump over to Kelly's Korner to check it out - I know I will!



  1. I have a family binder! I have found it very helpful.

    And I organize my batteries in a drawer organizer. It holds them nicely!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. LOVE the crap baskets. It's so ridiculous how much stuff accumulates on our stairs. This might help! Your two kiddos are simply adorable. Love the blog!