Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap: Sick One, Bike Time, + Dress Talk

Well, I had all of these ideas about ways we would spend this weekend, but Katie had other plans! She woke up Friday morning and did not feel good!  She actually climbed in bed with me and snuggled and was whiny - never a good sign.  When I got finished feeding Jack his bottle, I found her asleep in her bed - DEFINITELY not like her!  So she slept until about 9:45 and then we had a relaxing morning together while Jack napped.  I thought maybe getting dressed and getting out of the house may help - poor thing...she was so pitiful!  We went to one consignment sale and then came home.  I took her was 99.5 - not too bad.  I layed Jack down for a nap and she and I had quiet time...and she fell asleep!  Again, not like Katie!  By that evening, she had a temperature of 101.2 I think, so we have her fever reducer.  All she had during the day was pink gatorade and some goldfish crackers...she acted hungrier that night, so she had kind of a hodge podge of items for dinner.
 When she got up Saturday, I thought she was doing a little better...not so much.  She dozed off and on all day and was living off of pink gatorade.  At one point, her fever got up to 103.1...thank goodness for fever reducer...and thank goodness it did its job!  I headed out that evening to pick up some more pink Gatorade and fever say we have a large supply of Gatorade is an understatement.  I went to two Walgreens and ended up with 2 reds, 2 purples, and 4 some Pedialyte! I also picked up a little stuffed dog with bunny ears for to to snuggle with...she named him Snuggle Bunny and he has been by her side ever since Saturday night!  She did eat a few goldfish and few bites of fruit Saturday night...oh, and mini pancakes for breakfast Saturday.
 This is what my Saturday night looked like after the kids went down.  I had to drop all my consignment stuff off Sunday afternoon, so I had some tagging to do!  Brad was nice enough to help me match the item up with the tag, and then I have a tagger (that tags things like in the stores), so that speeds things up ... I hate using safety pins!
Sunday we woke up and Katie was MUCH better - no fever and a normal energy level!  YAY!  We had a low-key day at home to let her rest up...we colored, watched a few shows, and even got outside for some fresh air for a few minutes!  I managed to cook a yummy dinner (coming up on this week's Foodie Friday) and we got both kids bathed and in bed in time for me to watch The Oscars (I DVR'ed it so I could start late and fast forward through commercials)!  I loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress!  Oh, and my DVR only recorded for 3 hours so I missed the end!  I did see the cast of Les Mis perform...and Adele...but I missed all the last awards (and apparently Jennifer Lawrence tripping on her dress)!  Oh well - I was really tired anyway and caught up on the award-winners this morning :)

{Katie was all about drawing some traffic lights!}
 {...and then cutting them out!}
 {And then it was time for some fresh air...cute pic on the bike before taking the bow off and putting the helmet first!} 
{Love this!}
 {I just love this picture...Katie was going downhill and you can also see Sadie running to keep up in the background!}
 {Nothing better than some Daddy help on the bike!}
 {And this, my friend, is my about an action shot! HA!}
 {And little mister sat in the stroller and watched all the craziness...soon enough he will be right in the middle of it all!}
 {Sweet Sadie...when I see pictures of her, I see that she is getting more and more white around her mouth/nose area (what we refer to as the "snoot")! This is not allowed!}
 {And another action shot...I asked Katie to jump as high as she could ... and I actually caught it!}
By last night, she was pooped...she got on the couch with Brad to snuggle and he was on the iPad and noticed she was awfully still...this was the result!  He told me to come see and she was snoring by the time I got in there!  See Snuggle Bunny?  He is going everywhere with her now!  But we said he was just for when she didn't feel good - we will see how that works :)  I have a feeling we have a new bed buddy on our hands!
And here is Jennifer Lawrence and her dress...
And here are a few others that I thought looked gorgeous!
Though the weekend didn't go like I thought it would, I'm glad we got some down time!  Now I'm off to get all of us ready and head to dance class!  SO glad Katie is better (and that the rest of us seem to have stayed healthy - knock on wood)!  Happy Monday!


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