Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Fun

Hooray! We finally got some "decent" snow!  We woke up Friday morning - well, Katie woke us up yelling, "MOMMY! DADDY! LOOK OUTSIDE!!!!" Oh, the excitement of kiddos when it snows.  Heck!  Oh, the excitement of adults when it snows!  It definitely brings out the kid in all of us I think!  We hurried and bundled up because I knew it was supposed to melt during the day since the sun was out.  It was Jack's first snow, so we had to get out there fast!

Here they are sitting in the snow!  Jack didn't like being cold (or at least that's what I thought was the reason behind is crankiness - turns out, he had cut his first tooth the night before and was miserable!) so we got him inside and let Katie and Sadie play out back.
 And then Stella and Jill came over!  They had fun playing in the backyard and even posed for a picture!  And then they came in and played with stuffed animals in the princess tent - perfect!
 So all the snow melted during the day Friday (funny that schools were out and it ended up being a pretty, cold day!) - and I knew we were supposed to get a dusting overnight into Saturday morning.  Well...Katie woke us up again and told us to look outside - and it was like a whiteout!  The snow was coming down!  So we all got up and ate breakfast and got all bundled up to go sledding!  I was so excited that it was Saturday so Brad could play outside with us!  Here's Jack all bundled up in the jog stroller...he almost fell asleep he was so snug!
 Katie was so excited to finally get to use the sled that Nanny and Papa gave her for Christmas in 2011!  
And we had such fun!  I'm so glad we got out when we did because the sun came out and the snow started melting!  We ended up getting about 1.5 inches and it just barely covered the top of the grass!  We walked up to a hill in the neighborhood (not hard to find - there are lots!) and had the best time!  Jack even got to go sledding for the first time!
Here's Katie running the sled up the hill to go down herself...she loved it!  I know anytime there is snow again she will want to get out and sled again!  It was also a good test for taking her skiing - she was ready to go back home after about 30-45 minutes, so we decided to wait until next winter to try to get her learning how to ski!
 I just love this definitely captures her having the time of her life out there!
We came home and sat by the fire to warm up and Katie even tried some hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course)!  Hooray for snow days!  I sure hope we have at least one more good snow this winter :)


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