Friday, February 8, 2013

SUYL: DIY Projects

Happy Friday, folks! I decided to do a link up today rather than Foodie Friday - I did cook something yummy this week, but it may have to wait until next week!  This link up is with Kelly's Korner on DIY projects!  I was trying to remember some fun things I have done or made and decided on these four projects!

Before we started potty training with Katie, I made these "potty treat" jars.  Doesn't it look fun? That was definitely what I was going for - fun, girly colors that would make Katie excited about potty training - oh, and the actual treats inside too :) I spray painted the lid of a mason jar and got the ribbon at the dollar spot at Target.  I had the letters and the treats, so it really wasn't too expensive to make either!
Something else I made for Katie's room was a headband holder!  I used a paper towel roll, some cute fabric, and some ribbon....that's it!  And I love that it organizes all the headbands and keeps them together.
I absolutely love making rag wreaths - for baby showers, holidays, gifts, etc!  All it takes is a wire form from a craft store and some fabric and ribbon.  I made this one for a friend's baby shower and was in love with it - I think I cut the fabric just the right length - and I love the texture the ribbon adds too!  And the pinks and grays definitely make it look great too!
Something else I had been wanting to do for a while is a knot blanket (note: no sewing - this is nice since I have yet to set up my sewing machine)!  I found some scraps of flannel at JoAnn's (both a plain pink and a Disney princess piece) and couldn't resist giving it a try.  I cut them to the same size and lined them up and started cutting the strips of each piece/layer and then tying the strips of each layer.  I cut strips about 3ish inches long and about an inch apart and I'd cut some strips and stop and knot them together (the top and bottom piece).  It was really that easy!  And Katie absolutely LOVES it!  She sat on the floor with me while I was making it and was so eager to get to snuggle with it.  Now that I know how easy it is, I may start doing these as gifts (after I make Jack is very own as well)!  I love that you can make them as big or as small as you want (depending on the size of the recipient)!  I may make some little ones for Katie to use as blankets for her dolls.  And then I could make a big one for Brad - the possibilities are really endless!
I can't wait to see what projects other folks blog about!  Have a super weekend!



  1. That jar is so cute! I think it might be a fun addition to my work desk as a candy dish or something along those lines.

  2. LOVE all of these projects, but I'm a little biased towards the wreath! It is right next to my hospital bag and ready to go! Once we are home, it will be on Kate's nursery door. LOVE it. You did such a beautiful job!