Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Boy, oh boy, do I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!  I had initially planned on making Valentine's Day into a series of posts, but since I have some catching up to do, I decided to do one post on Valentine's Day and one post on the goodies Katie gave her friends at school.  Here is a fair warning...this post contains about a million pictures.  But, I'd say 99% of you here don't visit for the writing...just the adorable, sweet faces of the kids! Can you tell I'm slightly partial??

So, here we go on Valentine's Day 2013!  We had some cute things to wear this year - and thankfully the weather cooperated and let her wear everything!  Katie picked this shirt and skirt out at Target - IN THE BIG GIRL SECTION!!!!! - and I was a little worried that she wouldn't get to wear it because of it being short sleeved and a skirt.  But she did get to wear it!
 And then she got to wear her heart shirt with pink pants to Uncle Will's birthday party.  I love this outfit - she will most definitely wear this through the spring too!
And the day before Valentine's, she wore this cutie pie outfit...LOVE IT!  I made myself look past the fact that it is an elephant (I am an Auburn fan, after all!) because it was so adorable.
And then this ensemble for the actual day!  I think she felt pretty cute - what do you think??
 And I bought this sign for a friend and gave it to her but then asked if I could keep it to take pictures of the kids - so glad I did :) 
After our morning picture (after Katie gets dressed, she always asks if I'm going to take her picture...at least she anticipates it!), we went on a Mommy Date!  We hadn't gone on a mommy date since the day before Jack was born, so we were way overdue!  
 After I took Katie to school, I came home and got this little guy ready for the day (Brad worked from home for a couple hours so I could hang out with Katie)!
 He was really studying the sign!  He wanted to chew on it I think :)
 While Jack was napping, I got their Valentine's goodies ready - so festive!
Before too long, it was time to get Katie at school.  Boy, oh boy could I tell she had had a boatload of sugar.  That girl had the fit of all fits...whew!  Makes me sweat to even think about it!  But after having an, *ahem*, attitude adjustment, we headed to my mom's house for a little party.  We took some pictures before opening a few goodies!  Here is one of the two of them...love it!
 And I just LOVE this one of Jack!  His skin looks so delicate and soft and his eyes just twinkle!  He had fun exploring the pine straw after I took a few pictures.  And by exploring, of course I mean trying to eat :)
 And Miss Priss...can you tell she had been at school? She looks tired and wild-haired!
They opened some cards and then played on the floor together...love this!
 Katie, Brad, and myself got candy....Jack got baby food :)
 And then my mom made this for us (me)!  I am still trying to decide whether to put it in Katie's room (it obviously matches in there) or leave it out for a spring/summer decoration in the living room!
And we really didn't do anything that my mom had planned since Katie was so worn out...instead, they watched Snow White and I ran (for THIRTY minutes!...amazing!)!
We left there for a family dinner at Chuy's.  This is what I found in the backseat when we arrived..not terribly surprising!
 Jack loved sitting in the highchair...I think he thought he could fly!
And when we got home, the kids opened up their goodies from us...and then they acted goofy and sat in their baskets.  Oh dear.
 This was Katie's mailbox she did at school...with all of her Valentine's loot from her friends inside!
What a fun, fun day it was!  Brad and I usually celebrate a week or two after the fact so we don't have to fight the crowds at restaurants and all that.  Hopefully we will go on a date sometime soon!  He did get me flowers...and Katie picked them out :)
Hope your Valentine's Day was a good one - clearly ours sure was!  And I've already got big plans for next year...a heart balloon on the kids' chairs in the morning...heart shaped Krispy Kreme for everybody (or maybe heart shaped pancakes...who knows!)...and the little goodies wrapped before the actual day so they can see them in the morning!  We'll see how my plan goes next year :)


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