Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Girl's Day

This past Sunday, Jill and I took the girls out for a fun afternoon out!  We went to Monkey Joe's to let the girls run and play (and it was fun to be able to sit and chat and watch them have a blast) and then we headed to Target!  Playing and shopping - it doesn't get much better than that!!  Can't wait to do it again!

Here is Katie before we headed out!  She wanted to wait on Stella outside so we could get in the car and go right away!
 And here they are before we loaded up in the car!  It is so funny to listen to the conversations they have in the car!
 And some fun at Monkey Joe's!
 They took a break from the inflatables to play some of the arcade games - Katie is still working on rolling rather than throwing the ball for skee ball!
 And then Katie and Jill went in the hurricane simulator!  Katie LOVED it!
 Love that squeally smile :) I can just hear the sounds of pure joy!
And then, after a few more minutes of them running and climbing, we headed to Target and let the girls eat a snack and us moms got to wander around!  So fun!


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