Friday, June 7, 2013

First Day of Gymnastics

This past Monday, Katie started a new activity - gymnastics!  I think this is definitely her speed...lots of activity and physical effort involved!  She had an absolute blast!  Her friend she met in dance class is in the same class, so they had fun going together!  And I like that we have the option to just drop the kiddos off and walk or run an errand or something.  For the first class, we stayed to watch the girls, but I look forward to getting some exercise or errands done while she is having a ball at her gymnastics class!
I think it's also neat because the place where she is going is a very Christian environment...and I remember going to birthday parties and classes there when I was little!  Here she is doing a roll down the mat...
And she has been way into hopscotch lately, so she loved that it was part of the circuit!
Her favorite part?  Climbing this wall!  Once they reached the top, they slid down into a sponge pit - I wanted to try it! :)
After getting out of the pit, they went through the tunnel under the wall and then walked backwards on the beam.  I was pretty impressed at Katie's balance!
Katie has asked me every single day this week when she gets to go back to gymnastics...I think that is a good sign! :)


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