Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day 2013

When I asked Brad what his favorite part of Father's Day was, his initial response was "playing golf was pretty good" - ha!  "Yummy Hardee's, playing golf, spending time with the kiddos, and having a yummy dinner with your Dad - it was a good one!" - I think that about sums it up! :) I know Katie was so excited about Father's Day - she had made him several cards and couldn't wait to celebrate her Daddy!  And that time last year, we were still in the hospital after having Jack, so it was fun to be at home together to celebrate!

We started by me getting the kids up and going out to pick up Hardee's for breakfast - Brad's favorite!  Plus Brad got to sleep and lounge in bed longer - pretty nice!
After we finished our delicious breakfast, it was present time!  Look at all those goodies - some people must think he's pretty special!
 While I fed Jack his breakfast, Katie decorated this bag to wrap some of Brad's goodies in!  She had a lot of fun coloring and using stickers!
 Sadie even got in on a good Father's Day hug :)  After all, Brad is her BFF!
 Part of his goodies were 3 canvases with Sadie dogs on them - he even let Sadie sniff it.  I think she approves :)
And this year, his homemade goodies were frames that I helped the kids do!  I absolutely love how they turned out!  I just noticed Brad has the same shirt on in the two pictures - HA!
And here the man of the day is with his two favorites.  So sweet! 
 After Brad opened his presents, we helped Jack open up his birthday presents (a different post coming) and then he got ready to go play golf with some friends!  I know he loves playing golf so I coordinated all of that as a fun thing for him to do :)  While he was doing that, I took the kids to the pool - and I survived!  It was my first time taking both of them by myself!
After we got back and Jack took a snooze, Brad got home and we all got cleaned up and ready to take my dad to dinner at Sperry's - YUM!  I love this picture of the three of them!  
After dinner, my dad and I went to a concert together - it was the Happy Together Tour 2013...all oldies groups!  And we had so much fun!  I listened to oldies growing up because my dad loves that music, so I knew all but maybe 4-5 songs...pretty impressive!  Some of the groups represented were Three Dog Night, The Turtles, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, and Paul Revere & The Raiders! :)  Here are my dad and I after dinner about to head downtown.
What a great day full of daddies and fun!


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