Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had quite the eventful Memorial Day Weekend! Our friends from North Carolina came in town for the long weekend and we had such a great time!  Katie absolutely loves being able to play with the "big boys" - and Sadie loves all the extra attention too! We spent lots of time outside in the backyard and had our first summer adventure to the neighborhood pool!  They were also nice enough to watch our crazies while we went to Tanja and Nick's wedding :) We always love spending time with them and wish they lived closer!

Here is Daddy with the kiddos at the pool!  The water was a little too cold for momma to get in just yet :)
 Jack did some flying at the pool!  He LOVES the pool - splashing and kicking and all!
 And here are the kiddos!  Silly Katie - think she was tired? :)
 Every morning they were here, Katie got up, changed clothes and headed downstairs ready for the day.  She did not want to miss a single opportunity to get out and play!
We went to the pool on Memorial Day again and then it was time to say bye to our friends - so sad!  They still had school for another week or so, so they had to get back.  That evening, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner!  He had smoked a pork shoulder and some chicken and we had quite the spread!  Katie and my aunt did cartwheels and rolls and we played lots of hide and seek and cornhole!  It was so fun!

Here is our family - we actually all coordinated! HA! I love this picture :)
 And Jack had his first art experience with Cee Cee! Of course he thought eating the crayons was much more fun, but he did do some scribbling!
Definitely a fun weekend with family and friends!  Hello, summertime!


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