Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jack + The Gifts

We opted for Jack to not open presents at his party - like all babies, he was likely to be more interested in the bows and bag and tissue paper, so we waited until the next morning to open all the goodies.  He got some great toys and clothes and money for the college account :)  And of course big sis was super excited to have some new toys to play with - even though they are baby boy toys :)

When we got in there with all the presents, he wanted to play with balloons and some tissue paper of course.  And Katie wanted to rip into all the presents.  So she got to help with a few presents and then Jack actually did decide to dig into some of the gifts.
 He would rip tissue paper out of one and Katie would start on another...meanwhile I was trying to keep a list so I could write thank you notes.  Sheesh!  Glad we didn't try to do this at the party :)
 He got a little set of golf clubs from Cee Cee...he loves playing with them!  I am just waiting until he figures out he can hit people and things with the...watch out, Sadie!
 He looks so big standing up! At this point, his record is taking 19 steps before landing on his rump :) He gets so excited when he walks around!
 Just look at this big one year old.  What a fun birthday weekend (and Father's Day too)!


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  1. What a big boy! I think mom just ends up opening gifts at their first birthday party. They get overwhelmed so easily!