Sunday, June 30, 2013

Library Fun

About a month ago, I decided it would be a fun idea to go to the library!  I needed to get a library card and I thought Katie would enjoy it too.  Thank goodness it all worked out - you have to be 4 years old to get your own card...whew!  She had such a fun time going through and picking out some fun books to read.  And she was pretty proud of her new card too.
 I tried to make a point of it to read these library books at least every other day while Jack was napping.  We did a pretty good job...but she always chose the same books each time, so there were definitely books we didn't get to.  Oh well!  Her favorite was The Man With Bad Manners.
As it got closer to return the books, I remembered they were having a fun event at the library.  So we decided that would be the day we went!  Here are what pictures of the kids look like these days (if I am lucky)...
 They were having a Touch A Truck event!  Here Katie is up in a firetruck...
 And in the scoop of a humongous bulldozer...
 This is the tire of the same bulldozer - huge!
 And she  loved pretending to drive it too!
 She was driving the dump truck here...the men that own it taught her how to honk the horn.  She thought that was the most amazing thing ever!
 And she was so excited to find a "bulldozer" that was just her size!
 They also had Chick Fil A, a mobile pet adoption, face painting, etc!  She thought it was hilarious to see the CFA Cow at the library!
 And what did she decide to get painted on her face? A spider!  Even with pictures of rainbows and butterflies and ladybugs!  Oh my.
 After we finished doing all of that fun stuff, we went into the library for more fun!  I think Katie absolutely loves putting the books in the book return!
 Then it was time to pick out some more books!  She is so random about the books she chooses.  But she loves it.  And it is a fun, free thing to do!
 I love this picture :)
Well, we can mark one thing off our summer bucket list!  So glad we got library cards!  Now I can't wait to go for storytime and a craft sometime soon!



  1. Looks like she's loving her library time. They offer such great programs for kids. We take advantage of our library from time to time but not nearly enough!

  2. How fun!
    We go to our library once a week for storytime! The kids love it!