Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anniversary Celebrating

If you recall, June 24 was our anniversary.  Earlier this summer, we had gotten Groupons to try something new - rock climbing!  We hadn't used them yet and they expired the beginning of July, so we decided to do that for our anniversary.  It was definitely a change from the standard dinner and a movie (and a trip to Target - that is usually where we end up on a date night)!  And it was a BLAST!  The Groupon was to a local indoor rock climbing place and included a lesson + open climb pass for one day and then another open climb pass to come back another time.  And I will say it - we are hooked.  We can't wait to go back and do it again!  I definitely need to work on my upper body strength....and it would be good to not be starving when we go (we were both hungry when we got there...3 hours later we headed to dinner and inhaled everything we ordered)!  And not to mention that it was a great workout too!  This past year, Brad and I have really worked to get in shape, so this was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!  I forgot my real camera, so iPhone pictures had to do...

Here I was about to climb one of the walls...
 Brad caught a few action shots :) And boy was I sore for the next 3 or so days...maybe next time I go I will schedule a massage for the next day :)
 And an action shot of Brad - he did great and loved it too!  We learned the belay method, but we both ended up using the auto belay machines...that way we could both climb at the same time :)
 And a picture of both of us!
After we decided we had had enough, we headed to a sports bar to get dinner and was perfect!  The food was great, they had trivia going on, and I got a flight of beers - that was a first...and they were all good!  

It is amazing how much has changed in a year...this was on our anniversary last was Jack's first outing (other than a doctor appointment) - he was 9 days old!

I know I had just had a baby, but boy am I glad I have lost weight since then :)

Hope you have a happy and safe 4th!  It is supposed to rain here - hopefully the weather folks are wrong! :)


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  1. What a fun Anniversary Celebration. I've never tried Rock Climbing but I've always thought it looked hard!

    We are supposed to have rain too. Hopefully we can still get in a few fireworks. Happy 4th to you all :)