Sunday, July 14, 2013

From Pitiful To Playful

I had forgotten that I took these pictures of the kids when they were sick.  They looked so sweet and I really wanted a picture - but good gracious...looking at them again....they looked rough!  You could definitely tell Jack did NOT feel good - just look at that poor kiddo!
   And this was after almost 6 days of antibiotics for Katie...which we learned did not even touch her ear infections!  
So glad they are their normal, crazy selves again...though I have to was nice to be able to stay home, lay in bed with both my babies, and just relax.  Now it is back to following Jack around the house making sure he isn't getting into things he shouldn't and Katie constantly wanting to know what we are doing next :)  Here are some pictures of them since they have gotten to feeling better!

These pictures are from last Sunday...ready to play and romp and have fun!
 I love this picture of Miss Priss!  She had the sparkle back in her eyes again!
 Katie has also gotten back into playing with her camera...she has taken lots of neat pictures and loves playing the penguin game!  
 And this mess of a boy is b-u-s-y! Gosh, looking at this picture...I feel like he has changed even in one week!
 And I think this picture is so sweet...Katie has been such a great helper and super big sister these last few just amazes me to see how generous and sweet her heart is - especially towards her little brother!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We have had a great one so far - and plan to enjoy every minute of what's left of it!



  1. Love all the pictures. So glad they are feeling better. I hate to see sick babies!

  2. Poor babies! You can definitely tell that they weren't feeling well. So glad they are feeling better!