Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fantastic Friday

As I sit here, I realize I have done a pretty bad job about keeping up with the whole blogging thing. By the end of the day I am just worn out - and during the day, I have all the house stuff and that whole "being mom" thing that seems to take up most of my days! :)  So, I am laying in bed because I feel like poo (a big thanks to Brad for being super daddy today - including bringing me my meals in bed!) and thought I'd try to do a post from the app on my phone!!

Friday was such a fun day - and the kind where it all seemed to just work with the kids! We got up and started the day with breakfast. Maybe using my new dot mug from Pier One did the trick...
And then it was time for the daily walk!  We were gone a full hour - and I was a sweaty mess when we got back! Katie insisted on going in her jammies...
Then when we got back, it was time for Jack to take a snooze. While he was asleep, Katie and I made popsicles!! I had been wanting to do that - and I knew Katie would love it too! So we threw yogurt and frozen fruit (that was on the verge of going bad so I threw it in the freezer) in the blender and then poured that mix in the molds to freeze! I can't wait to try different combos...this was yogurt with bananas, blueberries, and strawberries!
After we finished that, Katie and I spent some time in the preschool workbook! She loves it and I am amazed at how smart she is every time we do this! I think the next time we take time for "school" she will finish it - and then we will start a new one!
And then this cutie pie woke up!! :)
After playing (and driving around for a little while because Jack kept getting into EVERYTHING), it was naptime again! That meant quiet time and watching The Incredibles with Katie! And since it was Friday, Brad got to come home early!! After Jack woke up and the movie was over, we all went to dinner! Then we came home and Katie got to enjoy one of her popsicles!
Then she looked over at me, our arms linked together, and said, "You're the best momma ever!!" 
Doing some front steps sitting with Katie was the best way to end the day!!!
What a super day! To finish the day altogether, I watched Bridesmaids before going to sleep - hilarious movie!!

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