Friday, July 12, 2013

Guys Weekend + Sick Kids

The last weekend in June, Brad and several other guys headed to Vegas for some fun.  I was glad he got some time away - I had all of these fun things planned I would do with the kids.  But while he was away, of course that is when the kids decided to get sick.  There was actually one morning that I got the text from him saying he was in for the "night" (it was 4:50 my time) and Katie woke up about 30 minutes later for the day because her ears hurt so bad! AH! And yes - one of the guys had this shirt made for everybody.  See the guy kneeling in front?  The picture on the shirt is of him when he was little.  Apparently, everybody wore this tshirt under their polo to dinner one night and when he went to the restroom or to take a call or something, they all took their polos off - and the waitress even wore one! HA! Oh my...thank goodness he is a good sport - he can dish it out and take it!  Whew...what a motley bunch of guys.  Glad they all made it back in one piece (and that the little bit of money Brad used to gamble with actually ended up being a good thing - he payed for most of his trip with the winnings!)...
Thankfully, the day he left, Brad's mom stayed with the kids for me to go to a meeting and I snuck in a pedicure.  Man, that glass of wine and pedicure was much needed...especially since I would be dealing with sick kids for days to come!
 I took Katie to the doctor first thing that Friday morning - double ear infection!  And she developed a funny sounding cough, so I did breathing treatments too.  Poor thing.
 She felt a little better by Saturday - and had been on antibiotics for over 24 hours - so we got out of the house so she could go to one of her best buddies' birthday party!  She ended up having a big time and was excited to play with some friends from her class last year!
 We headed home for lots of quiet time and Katie actually fell asleep.  When she woke up, we walked down the street to our neighbors' house - they were having a little party for their little guy turning 4.  And I needed to get out of the house and have adult conversation (and, let's be honest, some wine)!  Katie layed down inside and then got her zip back and played and wanted to catch lightning bugs.  She especially loved the birthday cake!  Here she is with Stella at Reagan's party!
 On the Sunday, I did manage to load the kids in the stroller and get a brief walk in.  It was great to get some exercise and fresh air!  But this is what we ended up doing most of the day:
Jack started feeling yucky and had a runny nose and felt warm.  AH!  We went to dinner with Brad's mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins - probably not the smartest idea...but once again, we had to eat.  And it was adult interaction for me :)  But the kids were pitiful!

I ended up taking Jack to the doctor on the Wednesday before the 4th and he had a double ear infection AND pink eye!  And the doctor looked at Katie and her ears hadn't cleared up at all, so she started a new, stronger antibiotic.  And her cough was nasty - so it was breathing treatment every 4 hours!   
I am happy to say that we are FINALLY all better.  I did have a few days of congestion and feeling yuck, but I did spoonfuls of honey and cinnamon twice a day and Emergen-C packets a couple times a day so that I could fight it off.  Oh, and Sinex nose spray at night so I could breathe :)  Now Brad is getting over the congestion part of it - so I think we are all on the other side of it now!  So glad to see my kids happy and full of energy again!  And so glad tonight is the last night of antibiotics for them :)

Here they are before heading to the library and to visit Cat yesterday!  They both have the sparkle back in their eyes!


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  1. Hey
    Lee brought home some winnings but that exact amount went to the tree surgeon who had to cut down a tree after it fell that weekend.
    P.S. We have some interesting husbands. What they will do for a laugh :)