Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Thanks to ZBB and whoever made this printable - so perfect, and oh so true!  Happy 4th of July!  Katie did some cute, festive art at school and we asked her what the flag meant.  She said it was for America and Jesus' birthday from America.  :) Close enough!

My, have things changed...and kiddos grown...since this time last year!  Here they are just 365 days ago...just babies!  - literally for Jack! :)  
And here the are this year!  I cannot get over how much Katie has grown and changed...and of course Jack has grown and changed :)
Katie looks like such a big girl now...I keep doing a double take when I look at her today!
And this little guy is so busy!  He was playing with Daddy and this was as close to a smile as I could get :)
 It's not exactly the 4th I had in mind...I was hoping to swim, go to the local festival to celebrate the 4th, grill out, get some sun, see fireworks...

Well, Jack has a double ear infection and pink eye (as of yesterday) and Katie's ears had not cleared up (she was diagnosed with a double ear infection a week ago) and she has a horrible cough - so Katie is on a new antibiotic and a breathing treatment every 4 hours and Jack is on the same, stronger antibiotic and eye drops.  We sure know how to party, huh! :) They definitely seem better today - but Jack slept until 10:15!!  

Not to mention it is raining and nasty it is a good day for puzzles and staying in jammies (which I am doing) and a couple beers and picking up BBQ somewhere!
Cheers, America!!


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