Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Why hello there! I have been slacking big time - well, not really...these kids keep me BUSY! So I haven't been slacking, really...maybe just in the blogging department :)  But there are lots more posts coming...they're all in my head right now, but I definitely plan to get them written down on this little ole blog soon!  Here's what I'm loving today!
I'm LOVING that there is another challenge!  I started at the beginning of July - so that would mean today is day 10.  Last night was hard - especially the bicep curls! I cannot even fathom doing all that stuff on day one day...ah!
 I'm LOVING this quote!  I see it from two aspects...the fitness and the comfort!  I am actually enjoying running and exercising these life really is better when I'm running!  Plus, life is better when I am comfortable...which usually means tennis shoes or flip flops :)
 I'm LOVING this quote.  What a great reminder to spend some time each day reading books.  We are doing good about going to the library this summer.  And I try to spend time with each of the kids separately...or sometimes together...reading books.  Jack still isn't a huge fan of reading - he usually likes to close the book and chew on the corners of the book!  He does enjoy it from time to time though.  I just need to be consistent!
 I'm LOVING this graphic...I laughed out loud when I first saw it!  Brad loves throwing the kids (especially Jack since he is little...and he did do it with Katie a lot when she was smaller) up in the air...
I'm LOVING how well these two play together these days.  I did manage to catch this on camera on Monday - Katie has already figured out she can hold things up above Jack to torment him (or play keep away).  I guess that is fair - he pulls her hair all the time :)  
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  1. I can't even imagine doing that many dips! I do 30 most days and my arms shake during the last 5!

  2. Love that pic of the kiddos! It's great they can play together so well! Proof of a lot of hard work, I'm sure!

    Stopping by from the link up!