Saturday, July 27, 2013

Farm Fun with Friends

Yesterday we headed out to our friends' family farm for some swimming and grilling out!  It is the most serene place - I absolutely love it out there!  The kids had a blast swimming with Cat - and then Brad and Tyler came after they finished their work and did some swimming for a while before we ate some burgers.

Katie really can swim, but she loves playing with the noodles!

 Jack got cold in the water, so we got out for some snuggles so he could warm up.  I certainly wasn't complaining!
 Love this one - he kept laying down on my shoulder!
 Isn't this beautiful?!  I could just sit out there all day every day and be one happy girl.
 Of course when Daddy is involved, there is some air tossing!  Jack loved it - and he didn't even mind going under water!
 She was less than thrilled to take a picture, but she did stop for just a minute :)
 Seeing Katie in that hat made her look even older (if that's even possible)! Such a sweet picture of these two!
 They both wanted to turn around and look around - who can blame them?!  I think this is a sweet picture too!
 It was also a learning adventure for Katie!  She learned about hummingbirds and hummingbird feeders....
 ...and we went to see the pigs and the cows!  She learned that pigs like to lay in the mud puddles so they stay cool...and she learned why cows have tags on their ears (she rode home with Brad and gave him a full lesson on cows and their tags) - it is to keep up with how old they are and which momma cow they belong to!
Then dinner was fantastic.  They raise beef cattle on the farm, so we ate some of the meat, which is the best there is.  They sell it at our local farmer's market and to quite a few local restaurants!  

What a fun time!  Katie loves going out there and always has the best time...I know Jack will love it more and more as he gets older!  We may try to go out there and walk around in the creek with the kids' water shoes on - I know they'd love that!


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