Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jacky Wacky

I have learned that it is not as easy to take a quick few pictures of Mr. Jack these days.  This boy is on the move all the time!  I do believe he is looking at the camera like, "What? Me?" :)
He is definitely more proficient at walking - yesterday I was counting and he took 37 steps (with not feeling good) - I think it is official (as if there were any doubt)!  I think I can stop counting now!
With Katie, I can take her outside and take a few quick pictures no problem.  With Jack, they seem to be all action shots.  I have to take approximately 2348102 pictures for one good one.  Unless Brad walks into the room.  Then it is a guarantee.  The problem with that is getting Daddy-o to help me!  And from time to time Katie doesn't mind acting silly to try to get a smile out of the little man too :)
Jack absolutely LOVES Sadie!  He is always looking for her when he is in the highchair - and is more than generous throwing food off the sides for her!  He likes to throw it and watch Sadie run over to eat the morsels.  He loves laying on her and giving her hugs and kisses.  It seems the last few days he has gotten a bit more gentle with the attacks :) 
He likes to climb over things (Sadie included), climb up things (mainly the stairs), and play with things he knows he isn't supposed to (splash in the toilet, unroll the toilet paper, bang on the fireplace).  He has taken a liking to door knobs now that he realized he is tall enough!
 I love watching him walk.  Most of the time, he really gets going and wants to run rather than walk (hence the bruises on his forehead)!
 He really does stop to look at things outside and really takes it all in.  He is especially interested in garage doors, trucks, lawnmowers, airplanes, birds, and dogs.
 I think the neighbors behind us were mowing their lawn when we were out back - look at that concentration!!
 I pulled this little plaything out and put it near the swingset so Jack could have a place to explore.  Of course Katie was thrilled to have it out again.
 When he is really focused, he looks down his nose at something.  Too cute.  If it is a new kind of food, he really does that - and then pokes at it with the tip of his index finger.
 Then Daddy got home from work and came outside!  Look at that smile!  Even his eyes are smiling!
 Just look at him.  Absolutely amazing.  I love this picture.  It captures the happy, smiley demeanor that Jack has...sums him up to a tee!  He is also all boy - he thinks burps and farts are the funniest thing ever!
I love how sweet and caring Jack is - he has gotten to the stage where he will offer me a bite of his food or a sip of his drink.  He gives hugs and high fives.  And he is always so proud :)


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