Thursday, March 20, 2014

And So The Catching Up Begins

Back on February 1st (see, I told you I had lots of catching up to do) the weather was mild and we actually walked down to one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood to let the kids play and get some exercise!  I took my camera with me and took a few pictures while we were there - I know, surprise, surprise!
And here's Daddy with the kiddos at the top of one of the things to play and climb on that is on the playground!  Clearly Jack was already planning what he was going to do next :) 
Which, surprise, surprise, included running around!
I love this picture of my sweet girl.  She just loves to be outside!
I absolutely love this picture!  Jack and Daddy were clearly having a serious chat about something!
And me!  You can barely see that belly in the picture :)  Man how it has changed since February 1!
When we got home from our walk, we played outside in the backyard some more! We have had such a frigid winter, so we had to take advantage of milder temperatures!
I think Jack was napping while we were outside playing - and taking selfies :)
It is amazing to look back at these pictures - both the kids have grown and changed even in the 6 weeks or so since these were taken!  Wow! Slow down time :)


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