Thursday, March 6, 2014

Predators Game!

I forgot that I had already uploaded these pictures from a fun night out, so I thought it might be good to continue my efforts of playing catch up :)  This night out happened like 5 weeks ago...OOPS! haha!  

Brad's company had a night out at the Predators and we won 4 tickets through the lottery!  So it was Brad, me, Katie, and we took Grandma too!  It was so much fun and SUCH a good game!  The Preds tied it up with 10 seconds  left in the game and won in overtime!  Amazing!

Here I am with my little lady!  She was sporting her Valentines gear, which of course resembled the other team's colors (red) more than ours (navy and yellow)!  Oops :)
And a selfie family shot!  I love how happy Katie looks to be with us :)
This was our view for the game - great seats!!!
And Katie loves good "event food" - popcorn at movies and the circus and apparently cotton candy at hockey games :)
And during one of the breaks, we were taking silly pictures.  I love how we make the same silly face :) That's my girl!
It was such a fun night - and I know Katie really loves spending time with all of us without having to share with Jack.  And knowing that BC3 will be arriving in a few months makes me want to spend as much time with her as possible!  Hate that we didn't get any pictures with Grandma that night - we will fix that soon!  

And yes, I am still waiting on my new laptop.  Ugh.  So just hang in there - LOTS coming soon, I promise!!


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  1. That last picture cracks me up. You can tell you all were having a great time!