Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Shenanigans

So this week is spring break for the kiddos.  And we are here - actually, today we were lazy and are still in jammies!  I love being able to have days like this :) 
Monday, Katie had gymnastics and then we were at home the rest of the day (aside from meeting Brad for dinner)!
Yesterday, we headed to a children's museum for some fun with friends!  We hadn't been since the fun we had there over spring break last year!  It is amazing how much the kids have grown up since then - {here} is the post from when we went last year!  I didn't tell Katie until yesterday morning - she couldn't get ready, eat breakfast, and get in the car fast enough!
Sidenote: she is still growing like a weed!  This outfit is all size 8...and the shoes are size 1! Yes, youth/big kid size 1 at age 4.  Crazy!  But I am loving her outfit.  And it is just a little big, so I'm glad it will last us all of this year and hopefully into next spring too!
Look at these cuties!  I cannot believe they are as big as they are.  They play so well together and are so sweet to each other!  I love that I've been friends with Kara for so many years and that our kids are growing up playing together too!
And this was about as good as I could get of the two of mine together.  Aye aye aye.  Jack was a wild man - thank goodness I had the stroller!  He got back in there to "regroup" several times - so that Mommy could rest :)
The train table was the one area that Jack stayed and actually played for quite a while.  I definitely think that could be a good gift for his second birthday :)  That will provide good entertainment for him when BC3 makes his appearance!
Look at that concentration!  He absolutely loves choo choos!
And one of Katie's favorite parts (she told me this at bedtime last night) was working on this car! HA!  Future mechanic possibly? :)
Jack was so proud to show off the choo choos he was playing with! And he was actually kind of still!
We took our lunch and ate it there and then played for a few minutes before heading home for nap/quiet time!  I asked the kids to hug - such a sweet picture...though I don't know if they are hugging or just exhausted :)
And I remembered that I got a picture of them sitting next to each other last year when we went, so I tried to get another one this year.  Love it.  I hope they are close and this loving with each other for the rest of their lives!
Here is the picture of them from last year!
They had fun playing together before we left to go home - it wasn't as crowded so Jack felt the need to run around and act crazy!  And of course Katie kept up with him :)
And I'm so glad I was able to get a cute picture of him!  He is so full of energy and excitement - all boy for sure - and it is hard to catch up with a real smile and not a big blur!
And one more picture of Katie before we jumped in the car!  Here she is posing in front of the place...such a fun time!
We will definitely have to go back a lot sooner than a year from now!  And maybe we can take Daddy with us so that Jack doesn't have to sit in the stroller as much :)  He is a full time job at a place like that!  The kids had a blast and we had such a fun day! 
For dinner, we met Brad at a restaurant called Local Taco -  it is delicious!
  The kids had a great time...and Jack really loved their black beans! :)
We are having a great Spring Break - even if we are staying home!  We may head to the beach for a long weekend in April - hoping it will be warmer for sunshine and fun in about a month!


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  1. Your kids are so precious. I love Katie's outfit!
    Enjoy the rest of your break :)