Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quickest Photo Shoot Ever

On Tuesday, it was clear that Mother Nature was not happy with us here in Middle Tennessee.  One minute it was sunny and nice and then just minutes later I looked outside and could barely see the houses across the street from me with SNOW blowing sideways!  And then 5 minutes later, the ground was covered!  It was at this point during one of the three or four crazy weather times that I got a text from my friend Amanda to see what I was doing (I happened to be taking advantage of both kids being at school since last week was spring break) - she had a vision for a quick maternity photo in the snow.  Unfortunately, the snow was melted within 15 minutes, so the snow picture was a no go.  But, she did get this absolutely STUNNING picture!  I absolutely love it!
Now, I had seen this spot used in some of her pictures before.  And I loved it.  So when she called and said the snow had melted too quickly and to go to this spot, I was super excited.  She asked me to put this chiffon wrap on to have the wind blowing it and all that.  So I put this "wrap" on - and it happened to be about 39 degrees.  And windy.  And I had purple panties on - thank goodness for photoshop! She had her daughter that is Katie's age hold it out behind me for the wind blown look and then the wind actually blew, so there was a natural windblown look!  And there is a building under construction right near this spot - I sure hope none of those workers were watching...cold + pregnant woman + sheer chiffon + do the math! HA!  I was only standing there for maybe one or two minutes, and I am so glad I was able to hurry and meet her! 
This picture has such an artistic feel to it and it is beautiful!  Check out Amanda's work on her Facebook page - {here} - and her website - {here}!  She did Jack's newborn pictures and then will do BC3's newborn pictures as well! 


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