Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

 We had a good and busy weekend this past weekend!  Katie had a soccer game (more posts to come on her soccer endeavors) on Saturday morning and then we headed home!  One of her sweet friends came home with us - aren't they cute?! 
After a wardrobe change, lunch, and some down time, we headed out to a birthday party of one of their classmates!

Here they are heading to the party - I think it is so sweet when friends hold hands!
Saturday afternoon was full of craziness at home and then some outside time!  This was the weekend for Katie's move to her new room and then we got the baby furniture!  Tanja and Nick came over - we hung out with the kids while "the boys," as Katie referred to them, did the furniture shuffling and unloading and moving!  It was such a beautiful day and the kids had fun getting more energy out in the backyard.  I just love it when they play nicely together :)

Katie was exhausted come bedtime, but she was SO excited to sleep in her new room!  See those amazing purple walls?? Brad did a great job!

After we got everyone to sleep, Brad assembled BC3's crib!  I can't wait to get the nursery finished!  We still have some things to shuffle to Katie's new room still - our goal this past weekend was to get the big stuff moved.  I still need to move her closet stuff over and her dollhouse and a few other things.  And then we need to hang stuff on her walls - in the bedroom and bathroom.  And then we can focus on the nursery - which also mean a slight overhaul of Jack's room too!  So lots of fun pictures to come of the progress we make there :)

Sunday we overslept for church (we were all exhausted from a big day Saturday) and the weather was cold and rainy, so we stayed in most of the day.  In fact, the kids were in their jammies all day!  I did get out and head to Costco and Target by myself.  That was quite magical.  In the cleaning on Saturday, we decided it was time for a new vacuum - we had had our old one for over 8 years and it was time.  And Costco happened to have a great deal on the Dyson Animal.  And it came home with me :)  It was expensive for a vacuum no doubt, but with three messy kids (and it will only get messier as the years go by) and one dog (which may become two dogs in a couple years) that has a lot of fur, we need a good vacuum.  So now I am officially a big girl/adult/mom/nerd - I am excited about a vacuum! :)
Definitely a good weekend and we got a lot accomplished!  I am waiting to take pictures of Katie's new space until we have everything hung and in its place.  I was trying to put her shower curtain up last week and it was 7" too short, so a friend of mine is going to sew some ruffles onto the bottom for me (which will look oh so cute I think).  So we definitely have some finishing touches to take care of, but I am so excited about the progress we have made!

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