Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bump Watch: 24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: Ear of corn baby!  Weighing in at close to 1.5 lbs! 
Total weight gained: Is this right?! I did have to chug the glucose yuck for the gestational diabetes test before weighing.  But I think I have gained 23 pounds so far.  Yikes!  Hurry up warmer weather so I can exercise outside!  Comparing what the baby weighs (give or take) and what I've gained...aye aye aye!  There is a bit of a discrepancy!!
Maternity clothes: Um. Yes.  Absolutely.
Gender: There was no doubt about the fact that BC3 is a boy.  Whew!  
Movement: All.the.time.  And he gets hiccups ALL the time!  Like probably 6-8 times a day! 
What I Miss: Being able to walk up stairs without getting winded.  Being able to lay Jack in his crib without smushing my belly.  Working out - Tae Bo especially.  Wine.
Sleep: This really hasn't been an issue lately.  Except a couple nights ago I was awake from 4-5:15 because I heard coyotes in the distance and startled awake thinking Katie was yelling for me.  Oh my.  
Cravings: This could be another reason for that total weight gain.  It is Sonic.  And this is what I want every time: medium diet coke with regular cherry syrup, chedd'r peppers with ranch, and a 3 count cinnasnacks with cream cheese frosting.  It is amazingly delicious.
Aversions: I can't think of anything here!
Symptoms: I am ready to get all of the shuffling done in the house and get Katie settled in her new space and the nursery ready (see?  I told you there were a lot of posts coming!).  Painting will happen soon.  And I have been working like a maniac getting rid of all our girl stuff.  I had people shopping our bins and have done 3 consignment sales!  The good news?  We made enough to pay for the nursery furniture.  The bad news?  It means I have done a lot of shopping :)  I can also tell my belly is getting bigger - I feel kicks and movement a lot higher up now!
Best moment of the week: I never get tired of feeling this baby move.  And he definitely lets me know that he is growing stronger each and every day.  Jack likes to lift my shirt up and show off my belly.  And he will sometimes point to it and say "baby"...cute!  And Katie is so excited to have her own space away from the boys and to be a big sister again!  In her prayers, it is always, "Dear God: Thank you for Daddy, Mommy, Katie, Sadie, Jack, + the baby in mommy's tummy.  Amen."  LOVE!  And I think we are getting closer on a name.  I am ready to have one so we can call him a name rather than baby boy, baby brother, or BC3!  Also, it seems like 24 weeks was when folks finally could tell I was pregnant (I did have a jacket on the majority of the time and it seems to finally be warming up just a little now).  It did make me feel good when someone asked where I was keeping that baby - I promise...he's definitely in there!!!!

And again, for comparison's sake, here I am at 24 weeks pregnant with Katie, Jack, and BC3 (we finally have a name! another post on that soon!).  Excuse the weird spacing in the pic of me pregnant with Katie - I think Brad has finally perfected the belly picture...third time is a charm, right? :)  And in the picture at 24 weeks with BC3, I look so tired - and I think I was probably still half asleep.  But we got the picture!
More to come on bedding, name, all the shuffling that has been going on around our house, and everything else I have to catch up on over the last couple of months! 


  1. You're looking great! Girl, you have a lot going on at your house!! All fun stuff though!

  2. Amanda Fahey StewartMarch 17, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    You look awesome! I can't wait to hear the name!