Friday, March 21, 2014

Valentine's 2014: School Edition

In an effort to play catch up, Valentine's Day is next on the agenda :)  The day before Valentine's Day was a school day, so of course the kids had parties and took all the goodies to school. 
Jack took the squeezy applesauces to school with a sticker that said "Valentine, you're my main squeeze!" on it.  Thank you Pinterest!!  And then I found little candles at Bath & Body Works and grabbed some of those for the kids' teachers gifts along with a note that said "Thanks for lighting up my life!"...the candles were just the perfect size for a Valentine's goody for the teachers!
And then Katie took a squeeze it (there may have been a couple extras and I may have consumed all of them in about 48 hours while reminiscing of when I was little) in a bag with hugs/kisses and a note that said "some hugs and a my valentine please!" - and then she signed her name on all of them!
And this was Katie's outfit for her Valentine's party at school - I know I am partial, but good gracious she looked so cute! HA!
Love this picture!  I love that angle - her sitting down and looking up at me and the camera!
And then it was party time later in her school day!  And Daddy was able to come too! Katie was SO excited that he was actually able to make!
And here is Katie with one of her best buddies - they have been in the same class every year so far and will go to the same school for kindergarten!!
Such a silly girl!
And on the way to the car, we managed a picture with another buddy of hers!  These girls love to play together after school - and the little brothers are good friends too!  So fun!
She had a great day at school celebrating - and then we got to celebrate at home the next day!  Stay tuned for that post to come!  And have a super weekend!


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