Saturday, May 31, 2014

Musical Chairs

Last weekend, we decided it was time to make the switch of the carseats in the van!  And boy does it make it feel like a real minivan - we are using all of the rows of seats now!  I think Jack misses sitting by his Sissy, but all in all they are loving the new setup.  And it lets us all get used to having that third carseat in the car too.  Weird.  Three kids and three carseats.  We did take the back off Katie's booster seat as she was way too big to have it on!  Oops!
Here the kids are on their first ride in the van with all the seats moved around!
And Miss Priss bringing up the rear in the backseat!
And he doesn't mind his new spot either!  It is just weird to buckle him in on the other side.
The really weird part will be when there are three kids to load into the car.  Whoa!

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