Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Fun

Last week we continued with the Easter fun and dyed some eggs! It was Katie's first time to dye eggs. I actually bought the kit last year, but I completely forgot I had it, so I saved it. The kit was to make marbelized eggs - I think I learned that for now, we just need to stick with the basic egg dying kits. No need to be all fancy schmancy. Although I do love those speckled looking eggs too. Anyway, here are the pictures! Brad did help, but he preferred not to be pictured!

And she's ready to dye some eggs!
She was like a mad scientist with the cups of color!

I had also bought this little pack of Q-tip looking dye sticks to use on eggs to create designs. Katie loved using them to color the eggs herself!

She loved it!! (And I love that smile!)

Momma and her girly

We did the egg dying right before bedtime. By the end, she was DEFINITELY ready to be done (and ready for bed). Her hands stayed dyed for a few days!

The finished product - with Katie's egg in the middle! I think it was a success for sure!

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