Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sharing Secrets

What kind of secrets, you ask? Well, fashion secrets of course! And with who else but the loving Sadie. Katie has been obsessed with Sadie lately - it is so cute! She sticks her hand out for kisses. She stoops down to get in Sadie's face. She runs up to her and hugs her. She pets her. And Sadie is loving every single minute of it. Well, last week, Katie had finished breakfast before we headed out to Mother's Day Out, and she wanted to wear her pink had from Cee Cee! Isn't she so stylish?!

And then she thought it would be a neat idea to let Sadie try the hat on!
That didn't last too long - Sadie was not a fan. So Katie resorted to petting, which Sadie LOVES!

And then a great big sisterly hug!

And a funny little grin with some more petting. Looks like Sadie is giving her the "don't stop petting me look"!

After all of the fun with Sadie, Katie remembered it was a school day and immediately ran to the door out to the garage and wanted to go to school!! Such a funny girl. And I love that she loves Sadie so much - and school, of course!

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  1. Katie is so cute with Sadie! It almost makes me want to go get a dog for CJ....almost.