Monday, April 4, 2011

Lions And Tigers And Bears, OH MY!!

This past Saturday, we made our first trip to the Nashville Zoo for the year! Except, we didn't see and lions...or bears! But we did have a BLAST! We met some of our friends there too - the girls were born just 2 weeks apart! I'm also so excited because we bought an annual membership, so we can go whenever we want! It started off a little chilly, but it ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. Actually, later that night, we had a picnic and played at the park! Here are some pictures from our fun at the zoo - Katie loved the monkies, elephants, giraffes, meerkats, and flamingos!
The first day she actually wore her sunglasses and did not take them off - such the diva!
Add Image She's never still!
I thought the giraffes were so neat.
Katie watching all of the meerkats.
Momma and her girl with the flamingos!
Inside the petting zoo. I think she was giving the goat a kiss!
Pretty sure this was the only picture of Katie and Claire - they loved watching the coins go around in circles!
And they have a playground - this area is specifically for the little tots - a padded area to romp around and have a blast! She definitely had a great nap after this fun!

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