Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm BACK!!

So, I'd like to think that you all were wondering where on earth I had been! But, more than likely, folks were just enjoying the fact that it really is feeling springy outside and hadn't noticed. Oh well - for now, just flatter me. Let me preface this by saying, typically, I work an average of 16 hours per week. From home. Ideal, right?? Well, there is an annual conference that is the crux of what what I do - this two day conference ended yesterday. Plus, I had an all-day board retreat to plan that occurred Thursday (oh, and had to attend it too). And what is usually roughly 16 hours quickly turned into 65 hours! Whew! But I absolutely love it. And I love the people that I meet when these events occur. After all, we all have one major item in common - a sibling with a disability. That is what the conference is all about - it is a statewide group for adults that have a brother or sister with a disability. And I feel right at home. They are like a second family. They "get it". And that board retreat? Also adult sibs. Except it was the national organization for sibs - the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) - of which I am the Chair of Network Development. And those folks are amazing. I will do another post about all of these events, but for now, I'm gonna go hop in bed and read a book, relax, and catch up on some sleep. Oh, and get up in the morning and play with my girl - I missed her SO much while I was in the throws of conferencing!

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